Fees include:

  • Short sleeve jersey
  • Long sleeve jersey
  • Practice T-Shirt
  • Shorts
  • Jacket
  • 7 tournament dates (or 6 tournaments if 1 is a 2-day)
  • 2 practices a week (except during holidays)


Falls resident - $499

Falls non-resident - $598


 Click HERE to view the Badger Region Age Definitions

**NOTE: We do accept age waivers.** 


Sign ups are through the Menomonee Falls Recreation Department.

Residents and non-Residents can both sign up on Oct 3, 8am.

Recommended to sign-up online here


Signing up for a team (not including the Wait List) is equivalent to accepting an offer after try-outs.  

Once signed up and paid for our club, you must sign up through Badger Region as a Junior player.  Failure to sign up through there means you will lose your spot on our club.

Once paid, there are no refunds for any reason.