Welcome all players!

      • Urgent - accept the Badger Region registration that was emailed.  If you did not receive the email, please email Coach Stephanie
      • Fill out the Player Info form on the right asap
      • We will be using Group Me text messages.  On the Player Info form, it will ask for additional numbers to add to the Group Me.  All numbers are optional but will be used for communication throughout the season
      • We also use emails for communication throughout the season.  There is an option to add extra email address in the Player Info form as well
      • Once all players have filled out the Player Info form, we will have Team Emails on the side - anyone can fill out the form and have it email to their team.  You can also see previously sent out emails for the team.
      • All tournament information will be posted on here throughout the season.  Plan on schedules to come out in December.  Tournaments are never cancelledfor weather.
      • SCHEDULES - all practices will be Tue / Thu and will only be posted on the schedule if there is a change.  Tournaments, scorekeeping clinic, etc will be posted there as well.


 Schedules will be posted here, generally Wednesday / Thursday before the tournament.

  • Bring all jerseys, shoes, knee pads, whistle and jacket. You can  typically only bring in water
  • Some places allow parents to bring in chairs, best to be prepared

Upload Your Photo Instructions

Any pictures that you take, please upload to your team throughout the year!

  • Click on "Team Photos"
  • Click on the red gear (top right)
  • Click on the group you would like to add the pictures
  • Click on the red camera (bottom right)
  • Choose your photos and upload!