Lilly Bartel - Coach

Lilly is a member of the coaching staff at Falls Focus.  She has been playing competitive volleyball for most of her life.  She is very excited to work with players on building volleyball skills.  She focuses on fundamentals and team building - aspiring to have all players be able to have fun while maintaining focus.



Cindy Paul - Club Director & Coach

Cindy is a club director and a coach for Falls Focus.  She has played volleyball on a D-1 collegiate level and continued beyond.  She has coached volleyball for 30 years and stays up on the latest drills and techniques.  She focuses on fundamentals and conditioning - inspiring each player to have fun while learning the game.



Stephanie Paul - Club Director, Coach

Stephanie is a club director and a coach for Falls Focus.  She is a former volleyball club member, and continues to play volleyball at a high level.  She's coached and taught girls and boys volleyball for years.  She focuses on fundamentals and power - striving for all players to reach beyond what they think possible.